TEPAC Events and Services

Our organization aims to bring professionals, self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and alike together. For this purpose, it facilitates networking events and informational events once a month. In addition to these events, the association also organizes tours, leisure, sports activities to increase interaction among its members.

Our Activities:

We use our Facebook, Linkedin pages, as well as physical facilities to deliver our activities. You can see the short description of our activities below, for more information or pictures, etc please visit our Social Media pages from the links given below.


We get together with our local members once a month in a public facility. The aim of these activities to increase the communication among the members, give them a chance to know each other better, as well as provide sense of belonging.


We hire auditoriums or theaters, and bring experts to give our members talk on various topics that matters to our community. The covered topics vary according to the demand.


We have arrangements with professional tour operators and entertainment facilities to bring our community together to relax and enjoy their leisure time.

FAQ - Activities

Please visit our Facebook, Linkedin pages for more information on our activities. You can find the links for our Social Media in the bottom section of the page.
To join our events, you can try becoming a member (see: Members page), and follow us on Social Media.
We welcome any help and support. You can show your support by becoming a member and providing us feedback, bringing your suggestions, ideas and comments through our Social Media. If you own a business, you can also offer promotions for our members.

Our Members