Talent Development Leader Bell Canada
Burcu is originaly from Ankara Türkiye . After attending TED Ankara Koleji, and Hacettepe University for her Bachelor degree, she moved to İstanbul where she started her HR career and carried on with her post grad in human resources through İstanbul University.

She landed in Canada in 2002 while 8 months pregnant and after a short few weeks in Toronto she moved to Halifax, and to get back to her profession she  completed her advanced HR post grad diploma at NSCC in 2003.

A 20-year Canadian and one of the founding members of  Turkish Society of Nova Scotia in 2006,  Burcu currently works as HR and Talent Leader at Bell Canada.

As the President of the TSNS, her biggest inspiration is to bring all Canadian Turks together and building networks where we can learn from each other , mentor our students and  newcomers focusing on Women and strengthening the Turkish community through leaning into each other, regardless of where we are in Canada.

Along with her volunteer work, Burcu has an Instagram account @KanadaliKadin where she brings together over 5,000 women from Canada and Türkiye to help them for the “true” Canadian experience as a professional, leader, mom and a woman,  while she co-leads TurkishWIN for Atlantic region highlighting role models. Burcu is also the Founder of Okul Canada in Nova Scotia. 

You can catch Burcu in her happiest moments with her sons Deniz Kemal and Derin Ata on a soccer field in Halifax!