Co-founder & CEO / Flame Food + Design

After graduating from Üsküdar Science High School,

Irem Sacakli received her bachelor’s degree from Marmara University, Department of Econometrics in Istanbul.
Before starting her academic career she worked in Sabancı Olmuksa International Paper Inc. and Sişecam Glass Industry. She earned her master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Econometrics. Earlier in her academic career, Irem was a research fellow at Fachhochschule Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

One year after receiving the title of associate professor of Econometrics in Türkiye, she came to Canada with her family as a visiting associate at the University of Guelph in 2017. Irem Sacakli is an applied economist. Her research interests include gender wage inequalities in the public and private sectors, economic growth, sustainability, financial crises, and financial econometrics with a focus on developed and developing countries. She has published many articles and books in multiple disciplines and she is also a member of scientific and business associations including Econometric Society and TEPAC.

In addition to teaching and researching at the Faculty of Eco-nomics and Administrative Sciences for 15 years, she contrib-uted to the development studies by taking part in administra-tive positions within the Erasmus Unit and the Strategy Devel-opment Commissions. She continues her academic career by giving sessional lectures in some universities including Univer-sity of Toronto. 

Besides her academic studies, Irem Sacakli is also a

Co-Founder/CEO of a leading award-winning small business Flame Food+Design in the hospitality sector, which she has always dreamed of with her partner. Promoting Turkish Cuisine and sharing the richness of Anatolian culture by surprising Flame’s guests with their own designs is her favourite hobby.  Equestrian dressage, skating, and art history are among her other favourite hobbies.

She is also the consultant of a company expertised in  international trade.