TEPAC Land Acknowledgement

Recognizing and Honouring the Land

With its members across the country, TEPAC respects and affirms the inherent and Treaty Rights of all Indigenous Peoples across this land. TEPAC acknowledges the historical oppression of lands, cultures and the original Peoples in what we now know as Canada, and thanks to all Indigenous Peoples who have cared for these territories since time immemorial and who continue to contribute to the strength of Canada and to all communities across this land.

Why do we acknowledge the land?

Acknowledging traditional Indigenous territories is one way to recognize contemporary and historical Indigenous presence and land rights. It is a small step towards dismantling the continued impacts of colonialism and undoing Indigenous erasure in our everyday lives. 

Our role in supporting reconciliation

Details coming soon.


For more information on the purpose of Land Acknowledgements, please visit native-land.ca.